The story of Baseball and Business can be told by taking a close look at the logo.

As pro and college players, baseball is a journey in every way possible from the places it takes us all over the world to the highs and lows we experience playing the game.

Regardless of where and when, eventually this path we’ve been walking down runs out of road whether that is after a couple decades in the big leagues or after playing college ball.

In the past, there has been a large chasm between the path that is baseball and business.

Until now…

The baseball and bats along with the shirt and tie in the middle of the logo represent the bridge to this gap.

The situations and circumstances we as players past and present face are unique within the game and business.

As such, the best way to reach our full potential is to learn from those who’ve gone out ahead of us and done what we’ve yet to do in baseball and business.

Created by players, for players…Baseball and Business is an exclusive network empowering current and former college and pro baseball players to reach their full potential on the field and in business.

We do this by giving current and former players a platform to share their experiences on the field and in business.

As a result, those still playing learn how to get the most out of their time as an active player while those who’ve already crossed to the other side learn how to create long term success in business.

There are guys within the network that played as many as 15+ years in pro ball, some that saw the journey end in college and everywhere in between.

Baseball and Business is designed to help bridge the gap between the baseball field and the business field by bringing like-minded people together that understand the unique circumstances you are facing wherever you are at.

No different from baseball, nothing great can be accomplished alone.

Welcome to the Baseball and Business network!

“There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens.”