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A Message from the Founder

Baseball and Business was created out of my journey of navigating the transition from playing college baseball to being in the business world full time.

After completing my junior year of college on the field and classroom, I decided to forgo my senior year to pursue an entrepreneurial venture with high upside potential and much risk. After treading water for three years, I decided to return to school and finish my senior year. The experience of completing a undergraduate degree at 25 in the process of figuring out what I wanted to do next was humbling and planted a seed to a bigger idea which years later would become Baseball and Business.

My first two jobs after graduation ranged from working for a smaller company mostly concentrated in one state to a publicly traded company with a nationwide presence. Along the way, I started to connect with like-minded current and former college and pro baseball guys. In having these conversations, a common thread I heard from many players was that they didn’t feel adequately prepared when the time came to transition from playing baseball to being full time in business. After hearing these stories and going through the highs and lows of the transition myself, I wanted to create resources that would allow current and former college and pro players to be better positioned to succeed in business.

This led to starting Baseball and Business to help current players learn how to maximize business opportunities while on the field and those who are no longer in the game learn how to create long term success in business. The exclusive network brings current and former college and pro baseball players together that can relate to the different phases of the journey in both baseball and business.

The most valuable lesson I learned from playing baseball that carries into business is focusing on playing one specific position and relying on teammates to do what is outside of it. No one would go out on a baseball field and compete by themselves and believe that should hold true in business too. The Baseball and Business team is here to help you in whatever way we can.

Thanks for visiting the website and hope to hear more about your story soon!

Luke Melms

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